Welcome to Murugan Hill Temple

Shanmugam, the founder of this temple was a plumber attached to the RAF. He spotted a small statue that resembled a shrine of Sri Muneeswaran. He informed about the discovery at a local Staff Union's meeting. Mr. Nagalinggam, the present President of the temple, was also a member of that union then.Read More

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Daily Pooja Timings

Morning 07:00 AM

Noon 12:00 PM

Evening 06:00 PM

Night 09:00 PM

Prathosam Pooja 04:00 PM

Tue Raagu Kaala Pooja 03:00 PM

Today Auspicious Time

Sat - Morning

11.30am - 01.00pm

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Sat - Evening

06.00pm - 07.00pm

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